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Q 6 December 9, 2008

Posted by Gyaniz in Question of the day.
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Put Fundaez about this Poster.

Put Fundaez

Put Fundaez

Ans.: Wanted Poster published by the US Government to capture the assasins of President Abraham Lincoln. Below the unedited Poster.

Shot right by Ajay Ganesh (Mankutimma), Varun Shenoy, Pradeep (Conga), Saubonsu, Srini, Dhananjay Shettigar, Anubhav Chatterjee & Karthik Venkat.




1. Mankutimma - December 9, 2008

Wanted poster for Booth, Surratt, and Herold, murderer and conspirators of Abraham Lincoln assassination

2. Varun - December 9, 2008

Lincoln’s assassination

3. Conga - December 9, 2008

J W Booth the Ch….

4. Saubsonu - December 9, 2008

This poster is for the assasins of Abraham Lincoln. Wanted people are John Booth, John Surrat, David Harold. This poster was released in the year 1865, washington.

5. srini - December 9, 2008

The murderers of Abraham Lincoln – Booth and his accomplices Surrat and Harold

6. Dhananjay - December 9, 2008

The guy in the middle is definitely John Wilkes Booth. So, this is the poster advertising reward for capturing the assassinator of Abe Lincoln. The other two might be Booth’s partners-in-crime.

7. Anubhav Chatterjee - December 9, 2008

These 3 men plotted the assasination of Abraham Lincoln.

8. karthik - December 9, 2008

john wilkes booth – abe’s killer

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