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Q 7 December 10, 2008

Posted by Gyaniz in Question of the day.
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A Simple Biz Fundae for today. Just tell me What will fill the question mark and explain.

Question 7

Question 7

Ans.: Zimbabwe’s Ten Million Dollar Note.

World's Most Worthless Money

World's Most Worthless Money

As Americans worry about the rate of inflation exceeding 4 percent, we should consider Zimbabwe, where the inflation rate broke the shocking 100,000 percent mark and the country released a 10 million-dollar note (now valued below $4 on the black market). But Zimbabwe’s currency is hardly the only one inflated beyond reason..


1.Indonesia: 100,000-rupiah note. U.S. value: $11.05. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the rupiah lost 80 percent of its value within months, sparking riots in Jakarta (and soon ending President Suharto’s 32-year rule).

2. 50,000-rial note. U.S. value: $5.35. Since the 1979 revolution, Iran’s inflation rate has hovered around 15 percent, thanks in part to ever-rising oil prices.

3.Vietnam: 500,000-dong note. U.S. value: $31.37. An early-1980s U.S. embargo hobbled exports, leading to price controls and the printing of excess currency.

Cracked by Saurabh Mittal (Saubsonu), Ravi Kiran, Ajay Parasuraman, Karthik Venkat & Varun Shenoy.



1. (Saurabh Mittal) Saubsonu - December 10, 2008

Iran’s central bank plans to cut at least three zeros from its banknotes as Iranians are forced to carry wads of cash to shops to purchase basic items. The question mark can be fille with the currency note of Reserve Bank of Zimbawe of 10 million dollars, Bearer cheque.
Above currency are : 1st – indonesia
next to 1st one – Iran
third one is of Vietnam
fourth one can be of Zimbawe

2. mugundan - December 10, 2008

gandhi…..is the second one is ayatollah komieni? 3rd is to commemorate ho chi minh the man behind the success of vietnam war

3. Ravi Kiran - December 10, 2008

currency of zimbabwe – where in a two hundred million dollar note has been introduced recently because of the inflation.

4. Ajay Parasuraman - December 10, 2008

..should be Zimbabwe’s half-billion dollar note.

5. karthik - December 10, 2008

zimbabwean dollar – least valued currency

6. Varun - December 11, 2008

The Zimbabwean currency note? thereby making a complete list of the highest denomination currency notes

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