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Q 8 December 11, 2008

Posted by Gyaniz in Question of the day.
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This is the Ad of a famous Band’s famous album which has a Guiness World Record to its name. Just give the Band, Album and the Record.

ID the band

ID the band

Ans.: The Who formed in 1964. The album is My Generation of which the song The Kids Are Alright became a big hit. The Who played a concert at Charlton Athletic Football Ground which was listed for over a decade in the Guinness Book of World Records as the loudest concert ever.

The Who

The Who

Cracked in parts by Saurabh Mittal & Varun Shenoy


1. (Saurabh Mittal) Saubsonu - December 11, 2008

Band – “THE WHO”
Album- “the kids are alright”
Record – Polydor

One of the movie i remeber id My wife…. there is some more movies, unable to recall

2. Varun - December 11, 2008

The who.. Kids are alright

3. Conga - December 11, 2008

my guess is quadrophenia by the Who

4. karthik - December 11, 2008

arcade fire/neon bible/black mirror

5. Shige - February 24, 2010

Thanks for the scan! I put it on my blog (http://www.shigepekin.over-blog.com).

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