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Q 22 – “Merry Christmas”

A along with B created something which is of big importance today. Put Fundaez


Ans.: Thomas Nast (A) who, with Clement Clarke Moore (B), helped to create the modern image of Santa Claus.
A classic version of Santa Claus, drawn in 1863 for Harper’s Weekly. Before then, most depictions of Santa Claus showed a tall, thin man. Nast drew him as the bearded, plump man known today.


Cracked by Aniruddha Dutta, Karthik Venkat, Debasish and Seekersagar.

4 thoughts on “Q 22 – “Merry Christmas””

  1. A is Thomas Nast, B is Clement Clark Moore.
    The connect is Santa Claus. Nast is credited with making the first modern caricature of Santa Claus.
    Clement Clark Moore wrote the The Night Before Christmas from which had the first conceptualization of Santa Claus.

  2. 1.Thomas Nast-19th century German-American caricaturist and editorial cartoonist – ‘Father of American Cartoon’
    2.Clement Clarke Moore- author
    Together they created the image of Santa Claus which is popular today.
    …..the clue helped

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