TWTW-The Week that Was

The Week That Was #2

1) Which famous heritage structure is being seen restored here?


Ans.: The Victoria Terminus or CST.

2) He is known in a totally different context than what he looks like in this pic. Who is he and Why is he here?


Ans.: John Ronald Reuel (J.R.R) Tolkien of  “The Lord of the Rings” fame.  Born on 3rd January’1892.

3) Put Fundaez


Ans.: Inauguration of Jude Felix Academy. 

4) Who is she and what did she do last week (for which she has been mentioned here)


Ans.:  Bakthawar Bhutto, daughter of Benazir Bhutto wrote a rap song on the assasination incident.

5) Why was this coin series in news last week?


Ans.: Slovakia adopted the Euro as their currency on 1st January’09 and discontinued the koruna as seen in the pic above.

6) Who’s this dude and why is he wearing this head gear?


Ans.: Glenn McGrath. Wearing the Pink bandana in support of the McGrath foundation which works for Breast cancer. His wife died due to Breast cancer.

7) Why are the preparations happening and in what context?


Ans.:  The Prasada being prepared on the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib.

5 thoughts on “The Week That Was #2”

  1. 1. VT Station, Mumbai
    3. Rahul Dravid participating in an Exhibition Hockey Match at opening of Jude Felix academy
    4. Some student who won a case against the school which didn’t allow her to wear a burqa?
    5. Sloval Krona was replaced by Euro as the currency of Slovakia on 1st Jan, 09
    6. Glenn McGrath, wearing pink bandanna in support of the McGrath Foundation (started in memory of his wife who died of breast cancer)
    7. Feast on Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday on 05th Jan?

  2. Answers for “The week that was #2”
    1. The Taj Hotel near Gate way of India in Mumbai
    2.Arthur C Clarke…pic taken when he was a radar operator in RAF during WW II
    4. Bakthawar Bhutto. She made a rap song dedicated to her assassinated mother.
    6. Glenn McGraw wearing a pink bandanna and asking Aussies team to support the fund raising the breast cancer foundation which was started by him for his wife who passed away due to the same disease
    7. The prasad for the devotees who came to celebrate the anniversary of a Sikh guru….which was celebrated recently

  3. 1.restoration of Taj hotel,mumbai
    2.jrr tolkein
    3.Rahul Dravid for some charity
    5.can see the picture
    6. Glen McGrath against breast cancer
    7. food for Tihar inmates

  4. 1
    6-Glenn Mcgrath wearing pink head gear in a move 2 collect funds 4 breast cancer victims….

  5. 1.VT
    5. Slovak Coin getting obsolete this year
    6. G McGrath on Jane McGrath day doing fundraiser sumthing

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