TWTW-The Week that Was

The Week That Was #3

1) Which unique festival is being held and where?


Ans.: 19th International Kite festival held in Ahmedabad.

2) Identify the logo.


Ans.: Byrraju Foundation

3) Connect.


Ans.: On the occasion of the 800th Anniversary of University of Cambridge, Manmohan Singh Scholarship Programme for Undergraduate students was announced.

4) Identify the occasion.


Ans.: 4th Global Investor summit in Ahmedabad.

5) Identify.


Ans.: Srinivas Vadlamani, ex-CFO Satyam.

6) Who is the Hero being carried around and his claim to fame?


Ans.: Shivakant Shukla (UP) for his unbeaten 178 run knock against Tamil nadu in the semifinal of the Ranji Trophy, paving the way for a final clash with Mumbai.

7) Identify the people and the occasion


Ans.: Tom Hanks and Howard Stringer at the Consumer Electronics Show.

6 thoughts on “The Week That Was #3”

  1. 4) shifting of the tata nano proj from singur to some place in guj.
    6) i think its the u.p batsman for his marathon innings v/s taml nadu in the on going ranji
    7) are they the GM and CHRYSLER corp g.m’s after the bail out package
    2) it is probably some oil companies logo
    5) its the satyam cfo who tried to kill himself

  2. 1.
    2.Byrraju foundation
    3.Dr.Manmohan Singh Scholarships announced by Cambridge University.
    4.Vibrant Gujarat Summit
    5.Satyam CFO Srinivas Vadlamani
    6.Shivakant Shukla – scored an unbeaten 178 to lead UP into the finals in the semifinal match against Tamilnadu in Ranji Trophy 2009
    7.Tom Hanks and SONY CEO Howard Stringer at the Consumer Electronics Show,Las Vegas

  3. 1-
    4-At the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit
    5-Vadlamani, CFO of Sathyam
    6-Shivakant Shukla of UP after his marathon knock against TN in Ranji semis that carried his team to the finals

  4. 1. the international kite festival at abd
    2. amnesty international
    3.cambridge has launched an international chair in dr.manmohan singh’s name.
    4.on the occassion of signing the mou.
    5.ramalinga raju
    6.ranji trophy semis

  5. 3. Cambridge University – Manmohan Singh Passed out of an associated college
    4. Nano Project(Plant) moved to Gujarat.

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