TWTW-The Week that Was

The Week That Was #4

1. Identify these buildings and the connection.


Ans.: Australian Open Venues- Rod Laver Arena and Hi-sense Arena(formerly Vodafone Arena).

2. Identify him.


Ans.: Steve Jobs (Apple), in the news for his ill health.

3. Who am I?


Ans.: Joe Biden- New Vice President of USA

4. Who’s next in the list?


Ans.: Sanjay Dutt. The connect is all joined Samajwadi Party.

5. Why was he in news recently?


Ans.: UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon for his visit to ravaged Palestine.

6. Connect.


Ans.: Chandni Chowk to China. The US and UK premieres of the movie were held at Stephen J. Ross theatre and Empire Theatre, Leicester respectively.

7. Identify and for what reason am I in the news recently.


Ans.: Richard Yates- author of Revolutionary Road adapted in the movie by the same name, highly acclaimed at award functions.

7 thoughts on “The Week That Was #4”

  1. 1.
    2.Steve Jobs
    3.Joe Biden
    4.Sanjay Dutt/Manyata Dutt
    5.Ban Ki Moon – UN Secy Gen visited zsyria for the Gaza Peace talks

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