15 thoughts on “The Week That Was #6”

  1. 1. Afghanistan’s cricket team, after winning World cricket league division three
    2. Zoya Akhtar
    4. Launch of India’s $10 laptop
    5. Achuthananthan, CM of Kerala
    6. Diwali?
    7. Auditions for IPL cheerleaders (KKR)?

  2. 1.The afghan circket team which won the ICC championships.
    3. logo of the world economic forum
    5. acyunandhan cm of kerala

  3. 1.iraq team winning hockey tournament
    2.zoya akhtar
    4.arjun singh is human resource minister n iit and iisc comes under his ministry
    6.buddhism festival
    7.pentaloon femina miss india

  4. 1.Afghanistan progressed to the 2009 World Cup Qualifier by winning Division Three of the World Cricket League in Buenos Aires.

    2.Zoya Akhtar is a contemporary Indian film director. She is the daughter of poet, lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar .

    3.Tennis Australia is the governing body for the sport of tennis in Australia. The organisation exists to promote tennis and conduct domestic and international tournaments on behalf of Australia, including the Australian Open and the Davis Cup for the Australian Davis Cup Team

    4.A low-cost laptop, developed jointly by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai, and Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, for the human resource development (HRD) ministry, is aimed at bridging the digital divide and making access to computer literacy affordable to the masses-was showcased at tirupati.

    5.Chief Minister of Kerala -VS Achuthanandan

    6.Chinese New Year Lantern Festival

    7.Miss India 2009 aspirants

  5. 1) AFGHANISTAN’S cricket team have been given a parade through the capital, Kabul, after reaching the final qualifying stage for the 2011 World Cup
    2) Zoya Akhtar
    4) National Knowledge Comission
    5) Former President R Venkatraman
    6) Chinese lantern festival
    7) PC Jewellers Miss India Worldwide -India-2009

  6. Ans.
    5. V.S. Achuthanandan, C.M. Kerala
    6. Chinise new year or spring festival.

    Plz send all the ans. to my e-mail.

  7. 1.Afghanistan winners of ICC Cricket World Cup League Div 4
    2.zoya akhtar
    4.low-cost laptops
    5.VS Acutanandan

  8. 1)Afghanistan Cricket team that recentlty won some ICC cup
    2)Zoya Aktar
    4)The $10 dollar laptop 🙂
    6)Chinese New Year
    7)Kolkata Knite Riders Angels -Cheer Leaders for KKR

  9. 1.afghan cricket team
    2.freida pinto (slumdog)
    5.chief minister of kerala
    6.chinese new year lantern festival
    7.femina miss india

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