TWTW-The Week that Was

The Week That Was #8

1. Identify the young man and why was he in the news.


Ans.: Baitullah Mehsud, of the Taliban (SWAT) accused of killing Benazir Bhutto, in the news for Shariat rule implementation in SWAT.

2. Identify the business entity.


Ans.: Subhiksha- The largest Indian retail chain.

3. Identify the musician/singer, and why is he musically in the news.


Ans.: Mohit Chauhan, Silk Route Fame, in the news for his song “Masakkalli” from the movie- Delhi 6.

4. Identify the gentleman.


Ans.: Alan Rosling, the executive director of Tata Sons who calls it quits on 31st March’09. Instrumental in the Global acquisitions by the Tata group.

5. Who is flying the F-16 here?


Ans.: Abhinav Bindra

6. That week, That Year- Identify why was this in news 44 years ago.


Ans.: The Canadian National Flag till 1965. Replaced by the Maple leaf flag on 15 Feb’1965.

7. Identify, and what celebration is made in his remembrance.


Ans.: St. Valentine of Terni and Valentines Day.

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