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The Week That Was #10 March 4, 2009

Posted by Gyaniz in TWTW-The Week that Was.
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1. Who is he and whats the news?



Ans.: Retired Argentina soccer striker Gabrial Batistuta. He has now switched sports and made his formal debut as a polo player alongside his friend and compatriot Adolfo Cambiaso.

2. Who is he and what is his claim to fame?



Ans.: Ali Hassan Al Majeed better known as “Chemical Ali”, Saddam Hussain’s top henchman, recently awarded death sentence for his crimes.

3. Identify the MAN and the Occasion



Ans.: Martin Luther King III, son of Martin Luther King. He was in India recently seen here lighting a candle at the memorial of Mother Teresa.

4. A print advertisement by whom? Put Fundaez.



Ans.: Ad by Bajaj Electricals Limited. They engineered and manufactured the tallest flag pole built in India recently. It is located in Kaithal, Haryana with a height of 63m.

5. Identify and Why was she in news last week?



Ans.: Nirmala Venkatesh, ex-member National Commission for Women, She was recently sacked post her rejection of interim report on Mangalore Pub Attack on women.

6. What is the Occasion?



Ans.: First ever foreign visit as commoners by the now ousted Royal Family of Nepal. King Gyanendra and wife Komal seen here on their visit to India.

7. This breed of dogs was in news last week. Put Fundaez.



Ans.: Portugese Water Dog, recently reported to be the new First Canine of the United States as the Obama Family has zeroed on this breed of dogs for themselves.



1. Sathya - March 4, 2009

1. Crespo to leave Inter Milan after Summer…
3. Martin Luther King III – Visit to India – Visit to Missionaries of Charity
5. Nirmala Venkatesh – NCW
6. Queen Komal of Nepal – Her birthday
7. Portugese Water Dog… Obama is planning to adopt a dog of this breed

2. sandeep - March 5, 2009

1.gabriel bastitua the argentina socer star now becoming pro poker player
2.is he chemical ali
3.he is martin luther king son and was mother teresa’s missionary
5.Nirmala venkatesh of NCW

3. karthk b.s - March 5, 2009

1.Gabriel Omar Batistuta._he made his polo debut
2.chemical ali_-massacre of kurds
3.martin luther king 3rd
4.slum dog millionare 4 winning oscar
5.nirmala venkatesh -sacked by renuka choudary

4. Anand Shankar - March 5, 2009

1)Gabriel Batistuta??
2)Chemical Ali(was convicted of another crime and sentenced to death)
3)Martin Luther King III(at the missionaries of charity centre)
5)She was appointed to investigate the Mangalore Pub Scandal, but was fied by Renuka Choudhary

5. Ignoramus Scribbler - March 6, 2009

1.gabriel batistuta recently started playing polo.
4.fox searchlight for slumdog millionaire.
5.nirmala venkatesh sacked from ncw.
6.king gyanendra visitng india.
7.obama’s dog

6. malcaluffin - March 6, 2009

1. gabriel batistuta
2. ali hasan al majid
3. martin luther king III
4. ..
5. nirmala venkatesh

7. Abhinav - March 10, 2009

Batistuta became a polo player

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