TWTW-The Week that Was

The Week That Was #12

1. Identify the event from the logo.


Ans.: ICC Women’s World Cup Cricket held in Australia won by England.

2. Whose new entity is this ?


Ans.: BPL Mobile is now rechristened as Loop Mobile.

3. Who is she and what new role has she been appointed to?


Ans.: Meera Shankar the next ambassador to the United States of America.

4. Who, where and why?


Ans.: Nagma at 10, Janpath-Sonia Gandhi’s residence for an election ticket as a Congress (I) candidate.

5. Identify the young boy in the picture who is in the news lately.


Ans.: Varun Gandhi for his inflammatory speeches.

6. Who is she, and what controversy was she in the news for?


Ans.: Ruby Dhalla, Canadian MP in controversy for a film “Kyon Kis Liye” in which she has been portrayed in some steamy scenes which she has denied.

7. Come April 1,2009, we will see this flying the Indian skies. What is this?


Ans.: The Indian Air Force One.

23 thoughts on “The Week That Was #12”

  1. 1. Champions Trophy 2009, South Africa
    2. BPL Mobile
    4. Nagma, Cong HQ, Delhi
    5. Varun Gandhi
    7. Boeing 787 Dreamliner

  2. 1.icc womens world cup
    2.bpl mobile
    4.nagma, sonia’s gandhi place, talks for her seat
    5.varun gandhi
    6.ruby dhalla,MP canada, steamy scene in a movie she acted ages back getting prominent
    7. is it a 380??

  3. 1. ICC Women Cricket World Cup
    2. New name of BPL Mobile
    5. Varun Gandhi
    6. Ruby Dhalla liberal MP Canada. In controversy for starring in “racy” bollywood movie.
    7. Boeing Business Jets, three of which will form India’s “Air Force One”

  4. 2. BPL mobile
    5. Varun Gandhi : Recently arrested for anti-muslim speech
    7. PM’s highly-secured office on airplane

  5. 2 bpl
    4 nagma after joining congress campaign
    5 varun gandhi.. grandson of indira gandhi.. part of bjp
    7 solar plane.. name is skipping my mind.. collaboration between india n switzerland

  6. 1. ICC Women’s World Cup 2009

    2. BPL Mobile

    4. Nagma, Delhi, For contesting LS poll on congress ticket

    5. Varun Gandhi, for inciting hateful remarks in a rally

    7. Indian version od Air Force One for our PM.

  7. 1. Official Logo of ICC Women’s World Cup Australia – 2009
    2. BPL Mobile changes its name to Loop Mobile
    4.Nagma/Namratha Sadhana/Nandita Morarji – Where? – She wants to contest on behalf of congress inspite of being denied a ticket in Mumbai North – West Constituency.
    5. The little boy is Varun Gandhi, Son of Sanjay and Menaka Gandhi.
    7. Its supposed to be Boeing 787 dreamliner – bought by Jet Airways (Guess – Oops!!)

  8. 1.This is the new logo of the IPL


    3.This must be the lady who has replaced Nirmala Venkatesh in the National Commission for Women.

    4.This is the actress Nagma outside 10 janpath, possibly asking for a party ticket in the upcoming polls.

    5.Varun Gandhi, for making communal speeches during an election rally in Pilibhit

    6.She is a news anchor.

    7.This is the new Boeing VVIP business jets that have been ordered for the political elite (PM. president) to ferry them around.

  9. 1- ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup
    2 – BPL Mobile
    4 – Nagma for Congress Ticket
    5 – Varun Gandhi
    7 – Boeing VVIP jets

  10. 1. Icc’s women’s world cup
    2. Virgin Airways
    4. Nagma in front of congress office , wants a ticket for lok sabha from nw mumbai
    5. varun gandhi, in news for his speech
    7. Prime minisiter’s air office

  11. 4. Actress Nagma, at delhi to meet sonia gandhi
    5. Varun gandhi
    7. singapore airlines Airbus A380

  12. 1.Women world cup
    4.Nagma , MP candidature
    5.Varun gandhi
    7.air craft with the max seating capacity

  13. 1. IPL
    2. Moko Mobi
    4. Nagma, congress party office to contest in Bhopal
    5. Varun Gandhi.
    6. Ruby Dhalla, Canadian MP of Indian origin, featured in Maxim magazine as one of the world’s sexiest politicians also involved in steamy scenes in Bollywood movie Kyon Kis Liye.
    7. Indian Airforce 1 for Indian PM

  14. 1. women’s cricket world cup logo
    2.BPL mobile
    4. nagma who wants to convert to christianity and is planning to contest lok sabha elections from mumbai on congress’ ticket
    5. varun gandhi
    6. the indian origin minister from canada who was accused of acting in pornographic movies in bollywood (in fact she was also voted the third sexiest women in authority..!!)

  15. 1 –
    2 – BPL Mobile
    3 –
    4 – Nagma seeking ticket for Mumbai seat
    5 – Varun Gandhi
    6 – Ruby Dhalla, MP in Canada, for sleaze film Kyun? Kis Liye?
    7 –

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