TWTW-The Week that Was

The Week That Was #15

1. What was this creation by BBC called, and to comemorate what day?


Ans.: April fools day-The Spaghetti Tree spoof carried out by BBC in 1957.

2. From the world of Fashion, Identify the collection and Indian connection?


Ans.: Balenciaga 2009- Sari silhouette collection.

3. Connect the 3 to the world of cartoons.


Ans.: Spongebob squarepants, after Johnny Depp and Scarlett Johansson, it would be Posh Spice who is all set to make a cameo appearance.

4. Identify what event’s first celebration is this, now an annual event?


Ans.: The First Wrestlemania, the event celebrated its 25th edition last week. Seen here are the winners of the 1st edition- Mr.T and Hulk Hogan.

5. What the deep blue colour show?


Ans.: G-20 countries.

6. Logo of which next (may be) big thing ?


Ans.: Flutter, the next big thing after Twitter.

7. Where?


Ans.: NATO Summit Dinner Ceremony.

6 thoughts on “The Week That Was #15”

  1. 1. BBC Gardener’s Word Award – To Commemorate all the gardeners in the world.
    3. Spongebob Squarepants
    4. Wrestle Mania
    5. Common Wealth Nations
    7. G20 Summit

  2. 1) Is it to commemorate the Vietnam War?

    2) Is it the Yin and Yang collection. The event was held in a palace in Rajasthan.

    3) Walt Disney


    5) Countries majorly impacted by Recession 😉

    6) Product Red

    7) London . The G20 Summit

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