Marquee Collection

Marquee Collection#11

Q. Which F1 circuit does this trophy belong to and what is special about it, they started this in 2008 and have done in 2009 as well.

Marquee Collection#11
Marquee Collection#11

Ans.: Brazilian F1 GP, the trophy is designed of recycled plastic derived from plastic products thrown in pitstops. The trend was started in 2008.

Rightly answered by Ameya.

4 thoughts on “Marquee Collection#11”

  1. Brazillian Grand Prix. Trophies made of recycled materials.
    Last year’s trophy, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, was constructed of 100 percent recycled plastic.

    This year, the idea has been pushed forward another step and like last year, will be made of recycled materials, however this time around the recycled materials will come from the 60 tons of trash accumulated within the grand prix weekend at Interlagos, the venue which will host the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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