Gyaniz 1st Anniversary Quiz- The Year That Was..

We are an year old today and would like to thank each and everyone of you, for the constant encouragement shown to us. On the 1st anniversary we bring to you 10 questions as a part of the 1st anniversary quiz.

1. The pension scheme was launched by the British. When the poor peasants came to claim the pensions, the officials were not able to recognize the people. As such many peasants used to fool the officials. What came out as the solution?

Ans.: The thumb impression.

2. Technically it is a fruit, since it is the ripened ovary of a plant. However in 1893, the US supreme court ruled in the case of “NIX vs. HEDDEN” that they were to be considered vegetables. What are we talking about?

Ans.: Tomato

3. Traditionally there are 101 classical stories. Most of them were initially composed to last a whole night. Nowadays there is increasing popularity for concise versions of every story (lasting 2-4 hours instead of a whole night) . Which form of ancient dance are we talking about?

Ans.: Kathakali

4. He changed his surname from “Sakpal” to “_________” with the recommendation of his teacher from his native village in Ratnagiri district. He was selected by the Gayakwad ruler to travel to the United States and enroll at Columbia University, with a scholarship of $11.5 per month. In 1916, he was awarded a Ph.D. for a thesis, which he eventually published in book form as The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India. Who?

Ans.: Dr. BR Ambedkar

5. At the Battle of Pollilur in 1780, it was effectively used on a large scale against British Army. Later in 1797 a British officer Col. William Congreve took the idea to England, what are we talking about?

Ans.: Rockets which were used by Tipu sultan against East India Co.

6. How do we better know this chronology of events:

• June 15th 1648 – St Mary’s Church is fortified and a large cannon is placed on the roof which was fired by ‘One-Eyed Jack Thompson’.
• July 14th / July 15th 1648 – The Royalist fort within the walls at St Mary’s church is blown to pieces and their main cannon battery is destroyed.
• August 28th 1648 – The Royalists lay down their arms, open the gates of Colchester and surrender to the Parliamentarians.

Ans.: Humpty Dumpty, the nursery rhyme.

7. Identify the legend.


Ans.: Conrad Hilton

8. Identify the man in the picture and the piece of work in his hand.


Ans.: Dante Alighieri and The Divine Comedy.

9. Identify the author.


Ans.: Karan Bajaj, author of Keep off the grass.

10. Who is the advertiser.


Ans.: Cycle agarbattis.

9 thoughts on “Gyaniz 1st Anniversary Quiz- The Year That Was..”

  1. Q1 – birth certificate
    Q2 – tomato
    Q3 – kathakali
    Q4 – B R Ambedkar
    Q5 – rockets
    Q6 – Humpty Dumpty – the nursery rhyme
    Q10 – Cycle Agarbatti

  2. 1.fingerprinting
    4.Bhimrao ambedkar
    5.i’d guess artillery i.e.rockets
    6. damn gud one—-Humpty Dumpty was pushed
    7 no idea
    8.Dante alighieri
    9. have seem him sumwhr but cant recollect
    10.Cycle agarbatti

  3. 2. Tomato
    3. Kathakali
    4. BR Ambedkar
    5. Guerrila Warfare
    6. Humpty Dumpty and the fall of Colchester
    10. Atlas

  4. gud set of questions

    1.ration shops
    5.rockets/cannnons by tipu sultan and his father hyder ali
    6.humpty dumpty
    8.nicholas copernicus helio centric theory
    10.cycle brand agarbattis

  5. 1. ID card
    2. Tomatoe
    3. kathakali
    4. B.R.Ambedkar
    5. Use of Rockets
    6. Humpty Dumpty Had a great fall
    10. Cycle Agarbatti.

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