Marquee Collection

Marquee Collection#14

Q. Who is she from the world of Literature and why was she in the news off late?


Ans.: Enid Blyton, the author of Famous Five and Secret Seven series along with many children books and stories. She was in the news due to BBC’s ban on her works, which dates back to 30 years of her works being branded as second-rate by the Corporation.

Well done Sudha, Anurag, Anubhav, Harsh, Anjana, Aprajita, Priya, Ignoramus Scribbler, Nandini, V.chandrashekar, G86, Rabi, Amit, Aarthi, Malcaluffin, Parijat, Vaidehee and Jaya for answering correctly.

18 thoughts on “Marquee Collection#14”

  1. Enid Blyton
    She was banned by BBC on it network for 30 years as they believed she is not a good writer

  2. This is the author Enid Blyton. A movie on her titled “Enid” has been made with Helena Bonham Carter playing the lead.

  3. She is Enid Blyton… Author of children books which I believe everyone must have read.
    She was recently in news after the disclosure of the BBC inter office correspondence which revealed that BBC did not consider her important enough to be featured. They considered her a “small bee”. This disclosure was criticized everywhere as she is believed to be the best author of children books even now; so many yrs after her death.

    Was in the news due to BBC’s ban on her works, which dates back to 3 decades of her works being branded as second-rate by the Corporation.

  5. Enid Blyton – BBC released archive footage of how it had snubbed her attempts to be on BBC for 30 years on account of her writing being silly and lower than their standards

  6. Enid Blyton. BBC has taken off their ban for her recently, and also, they will be airing a made-for-TV on her soon.

  7. Enid Blyton.
    Recently in news because recently revealed BBC documents showed that she was banned from the BBC for nearly 30 years because officials thought her work “lacked literary value”.

  8. enid blyton….BBC revealed recently that they had banned her works being telecast for some time as they were not that kid-friendly

  9. Enid Blyton. Film made in 2009 by BBC (which had banned dramatisation of her works!) aired on BBC on 16th November 2009.

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