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1. anup mankar - December 20, 2009

Logo, Trophy and founder of the Davis cup.

2. Kaushik - December 20, 2009

The connection is Davis Cup – the first pic is the logo of Davis Cup radio

the second pic is that of the trophy itself

the third pic is of Dwight Filley Davis, after whom the cup is named

3. Saswata Das - December 20, 2009

Pictures from Left to Right:

1) Davis Cup by BNP Paribas

2) Davis Cup Trophy

3) Dwight Filley Davis, founder of Davis Cup International Tennis Competition

4. Mohit - December 20, 2009

Davis cup
#1 – Logo
#2 – Trophy
#3 – Dwight Davis

5. Prashant - December 20, 2009

Davis cup after the dude shown in the picture – Dwight Davis

6. kartheegeyan S - December 20, 2009

Davis cup; logo – trophy and Dwight Davis who designed the format

7. Dinakar - December 21, 2009

BNP Paribas sponsors of Dvis Cup founded by Dwight F. Davis

8. quizzerix - December 22, 2009

davis cup: logo, the trophy and the man himself

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