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Marquee Collection#22 January 11, 2010

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Q. Identify the cricketer and in what connection do we know him today?



Ans.: K.S. Ranjitsinghji after whom India’s domestic cricket tournament Ranji Trophy is named.

Right answers by Sujay, Subin, Aman, Vijaynnidhi, Priyadarshan, Srinath, Muneer, Raja, Dinkar, Subhayan, Chandrashekar, Arpan, Deepak, Guessthelogo team, Anubhav, Devendra and Kaushik.



1. Kaushik - January 11, 2010

Ranjit Singhji, (according to Neville Cardus, no less than Grace and Fry) after whom the Ranji trophy is named (incidentally, the final begins today, and the poor man’s house has been robbed !!)

2. devendra prabhune - January 11, 2010

the winners trophy in indian domestic cricket(ranji trophy) is named after him.
today,finals of season are about to be played.

3. www.guessthelogo.blogspot.com - January 11, 2010

India’s premier cricket tournament “Ranji Trophy” is named after him.

4. Deepak Taneja - January 11, 2010

Kunwar Ranjit Singh – Ranji Trophy is named after him.

5. Anubhav Chatterjee - January 11, 2010

Ranjitsinghji and Ranji trophy..the pic is from the book race and cricket by Jack williams

6. Arpan Majumder - January 11, 2010

K.S. Ranjitsinghji. Of Ranji Trophy fame.

7. v.chandrashekar - January 11, 2010

ranjitsinhji-ranji trophy

8. subhayan - January 11, 2010

K S Ranjitsinhji
ranji trophy named after him

9. Dinakar - January 11, 2010

Kumar Shri Ranjitsinghji

10. Prashant Singh - January 11, 2010

Vinoo Mankad .. and we know him for Mankad style run out, by taking bails out for runner by bowler, while he is out of his crease before the ball is made ..

Currently, we change introduced, the runner needs to be warned before the attempt to take off the bails is made ..

11. S Raja - January 12, 2010

Ranjithsinghji By Ranji Trophy

12. S.M.Muneer Ali - January 13, 2010

Maharaja Ranjith singhji – our Domestic Trophy is named after him.
Ranji Trophy.

13. Srinath - January 14, 2010

k s ranjutsinhji. ranji trophy is named after him

14. Priyadarshan - January 14, 2010

Ranjitsinghji…we know him for Ranji Trophy

15. Vijaynidhi - January 15, 2010

Ranjisinhji – Ranji trophy

16. Aman - January 15, 2010

K.S. Ranjitsinhji & Ranji Trophy

17. Subin - January 16, 2010


He’s namesake for Ranji Trophy.

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