Marquee Collection

Marquee Collection#29

Q. Identify the brand from the ad below? Ans.: Altoids. Everyone answered right.

Marquee Collection

Marquee Collection#27

Q. Connect all the pictures given below: Ans.: Billy Joel- We Didn't Start the Fire. All the images/events & personalities find a mention there. The following events are in the order that they appear in the song, which is, with two possible exceptions, chronological.[7] The lyric for each individual event is brief and the events… Continue reading Marquee Collection#27

Marquee Collection

Marquee Collection#26

Q. Identify the logo? Think newspapers. Ans.: Gonzo fist of Gonzo Journalism. Gonzo was first used in 1970 to describe an article by Hunter S. Thompson. Gonzo journalism tends to favor style over accuracy and often uses personal experiences and emotions to provide context for the topic or event being covered. It disregards the 'polished'… Continue reading Marquee Collection#26