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Marquee Collection#37

Q. Connect the two images, the latter portrayed the former in a cinematic venture & Identify the former- a legend. (Hint: Love) Ans.: Casanova. The former is a portrait of Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt and the latter is Heath Ledger who portrayed him in a movie titled Casanova.

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Marquee Collection#36

Q. Identify the chillies & why were they in world news again. Ans.: The answer I was looking for was that the latest news was Infinity chilli, bred in the town of Grantham, Lincolnshire, was declared hotter than the Bhoot Jholakia chilli, according to tests conducted by Warwick University. On the Scoville Scale, Infinity chilli… Continue reading Marquee Collection#36

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Marquee Collection#34

Q. What is special about the stamp being shown here. Ans.: After the partition of united India into two sovereign states of India and Pakistan in August 1947, the first indigenous Pakistani stamp was issued almost a year later in July 1948, printed for Pakistan. Prior to this, the British Indian stamps with the overprint… Continue reading Marquee Collection#34