Marquee Collection

Marquee Collection#39

Q. What is special about the magazine being launched here? (Hint: Its a first in its category in India)


Ans.: Bombay Dost, India’s first registered LGBT magazine, was launched in 1990 by Ashok Row Kavi. More details here on Bombay Dost website.

Everyone cracked this one.

31 thoughts on “Marquee Collection#39”

  1. magazine of indian homos and lesbians!
    most probably by ashok rowkavi,the founder of indian homo movement!

  2. First magazine published in India for people in same-gender relationships.

  3. that’s the first gay magazine in india. (i have no idea why they got celina jaitely to endorse it..K.Jo would have been a better choice!)

  4. It is a magazine for Gays. This looks like a relaunch since it was initially launched in the nineties by I think Ashok Row Kavi.

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