Marquee Collection

Marquee Collection#42

Q. Identify the Aviator and link to the world of sports. (Hint: Very current)


Ans.: Roland Garros. In the 1920s, a tennis centre which he attended religiously when he was studying in Paris, was named after the pilot, Stade de Roland Garros. The stadium accommodates the French Open, one of tennis’ Grand Slam tournaments. Consequently, the tournament is officially called Roland Garros.

24 thoughts on “Marquee Collection#42”

  1. This is Mr. Rolland Garros, the heroic french aviator.
    Stade de Rolland Garros where french open is held was named after him. about the hint – the tournament is in progress.

  2. French aviator pilot Mr.ROLLAND GARROS.He used to play Tennis & that stadium in paris is named after him
    French open is played at ROLLAND GARROS.

  3. Roland Garros, the French Aviator after whom the French Open Court has been named.

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