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Marquee Collection#52 August 14, 2010

Posted by Gyaniz in Marquee Collection.
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A text Question for the day. We will try to post another one in the coming week. 🙂

In a bollywood movie, these lines were spoken before the credits roll, via a voice-over as documentary footage from a funeral, flashes on the screen

“The nation and I salute the sleeping prince, his tormented family members, friends and critics… I dedicate my loyalty to loving memory of the prince who I never met but who I salute and hope to meet in judgment before the Almighty. Respected mother of our great nation with your kind permission I wish to dedicate the proceeds of the premiere in Bangalore and Delhi to memory of sleeping prince. Inshallah, may his soul rest in peace”

Identify the sleeping prince, the person who spoke these lines and the movie being talked about.

Ans.: These are the lines spoken by Feroze Khan at the beginning of his 1980 movie Qurbani. The Sleeping Prince referred to in these lines is Sanjay Gandhi.



1. Srikanth M - August 15, 2010

Feroz Khan’s tribute to Sanjay Gandhi (sleeping prince) at the beginning of Qurbani

2. Arkadev Ghoshal - August 15, 2010

good one, thank you!

this is feroze khan’s tribute to sanjay gandhi at the beginning of ‘qurbani’.

3. Ravindra Bhanot - August 15, 2010

FEROZ KHAN…perhaps sayin it to Indira Gandhi before the beginning of the film QURBANI giving condolences for SANJAY GANDHI [sleeping prince]

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