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Marquee Collection #55 August 29, 2010

Posted by Gyaniz in Marquee Collection.

Q. What unique connection do these movies have?  The connection is unique in the sense that (as far as my knowledge goes) these two are the only ones who have done it.

Ans.: Both the films had “No Late Admission” policy.

For the movie Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock thought that if people entered the theater late and never saw the star actress Janet Leigh, they would feel cheated. At first theater owners opposed the idea, claiming that they would lose business. However, after the first day, the owners enjoyed long lines of people waiting to see the film.



1. Anubhav Chatterjee - August 29, 2010

Les Diaboliques inspired Hitchcock to make Psycho.

2. Srikanth M - August 29, 2010

Both the movies had the “no late admission” policy a move only seen previously in theatre screenings. Meaning that no-one be permitted to enter the auditorium once the film had started.

3. anjana - August 29, 2010

The movie “Les Diaboliques” is said to have inspired Hitchcock to make “Psycho” after the director of that movie snatched the screenplay rights of it from hitchcock.

4. Himanshu Mendhe - August 30, 2010

They were the only two films, the makers of which, didn’t allow viewers to enter theater once the film has started.

5. Ravi Handa - August 31, 2010

There are couple of things that I can think of:
a) No late admission policy
b) Asking people not to reveal the ending.

I guess it would be B that you would talk about because A is a little hardcore for you. I think Chupke Chupke had a similar idea. Om Prakash asks people in the climax not to tell other moviegoers how he had been fooled.

6. Karthikeya Ramesh - September 2, 2010

Scizhophrenia leading to murder? (Though it’s rather unlikely)

7. yoli - November 12, 2010

nice site/blog/post

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