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Gujarat launches its own quiz website September 8, 2010

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Gujarat Quiz

Gujarat Quiz

Gujarat has launched its own website www.gujaratquiz.in, which was inaugurated by Chief minister Narendra Modi. The website has online tests for various levels based on Gujarat.



1. Mahesh - September 11, 2010

Excellent task Done by Govt. Of Gujarat.It will help a lot to the youth of Gujarat.

2. manish - September 22, 2010

superb work done by guj. gov. now it will be use for improving g.k.

3. Ashok M.Shroff - October 1, 2010

Really , It is true celebration of ” Swarnim Gujarat”

4. Jadav Rameshchandra Kasturbhai - December 8, 2010

This is extra ordinary and excellent activity by guj.gov. for all the students and peoples.This activity is must be done in all ths school in India.

5. J P NAKUM - December 16, 2010


6. sorathiya manoj kumar - December 27, 2010

its good for all student of gujarat who prepar about gpsc and upsc examination.i will hope that most of student sucess in this type of exam in future. also gujarat goverment provide the books types material to the student of school level. and also make one complusery cource of gk in school level education.

7. JIGNESH - December 28, 2010

This site is healthy strenth provide 4 mind. Jignesh modha gorana

8. Ramesh Sembhara - December 31, 2010

this is very excellent job by govt of gujarat. very helpful for awareness of gujarat.

9. sakshi joshi - January 5, 2011

you are really anjal for all gujrat’s publik.thanks

10. jayshree desai - January 7, 2011

superb work done by gujarat gov.very helpful for all our gujarati.

11. sorathiya prakash mavajibhai - January 7, 2011

narendra modi name is enough to understand development and culture of gujarat and aiso kutch.this quiz is only formality of viewing world of the another side of imagine.

12. ranjitsinh Rathod - January 16, 2011

ye khyal achhha hai hamare cm ka

13. Mahesh Kathiriya - February 28, 2011

This is really an excellent work done by Gujarat Government. I am thankful to all those whose furtile brains gave this idea………thanks

14. Chintan - March 10, 2011

Excellent! Superb!
How can we download GK questions in the form of any e-file version? Is there downloadable book is available of these GK questions?

Kindly reply us..

15. rajpanera - April 7, 2011

it is a one of the good task by our government for education and to be aware about our wealthy gujarat ,that it is no.one.

16. rajpanera - April 7, 2011

it is nice efort by our gov. I thanks heartly to those who had help to make this dream true.it will positively work on youth of gujarat.

17. Umesh patel - May 5, 2011

આજનાં અંગ્રેજીઘેલાં ગુજરાતનાં યુવાનો હવે પોતાની માત્ ભાષા પર ગૌરવ લેતા થયા છે. વાહ! ગુજરાતનાં જીર્ણોધારી વાહ! ઉમેશ ગુજરાતી…

18. pravin - May 31, 2011

its good for gujarat people

19. anil - June 14, 2011

give me gk

20. shivjiranabhai - August 25, 2011


21. patel sahaj - September 5, 2011

sahaj Patel

22. Sutariya Shailesh Rameshbhai - September 8, 2011

general knowledge of gujarat

23. rana yuvraj sinh - September 9, 2011

narendra modi is best for gujrat

24. Nityam patel - September 15, 2011

it really best

25. Gujarat Quiz - September 20, 2011

You can also get in touch with Gujarat Quiz Competition on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Gujaratquiz and Join GQ World group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/233967586654383/

26. Vaibhav - September 24, 2011


27. Vaibhav vasani - September 24, 2011

Wa wa Mara BhAi wa wa

28. Suresh sankhala - October 18, 2011

This is good for gujarat’s student & it is very important in compitution life..

29. B G Pandya - October 21, 2011

Man is the maker and master of his destiny

30. Jagdish - December 10, 2011


31. Jagdish - December 10, 2011

Fine a word

32. prakashpatel - February 4, 2012

hi i want hole gujarat knoweldge

33. manojsinh chauhan - March 10, 2012

Jay Jay garvi gujarat and specail thanks to our prsident shree Narendrabhai modi

34. jorubhai - March 11, 2012

Exellent work. thanks gov. of gujarat

35. pathak parth - June 10, 2012

my mother language is world language don`t use eng.

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