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Bhadohi Carpets get the GI tag

Bhadohi Carpets
Bhadohi Carpets

The town of Bhadohi in Sant Ravidas Nagar, Uttar Pradesh has finally got its deserved recognition. Bhadohi Carpets have been granted the GI or the Geographical Indicator tag to protect its unique identity. It now joins the league of Darjeeling Tea, Tirupati Laddu, Puneri Pagdi and several others.

The specialty of Bhadohi carpets is their distinct designs. These designs have been developed indigenously and include various tints of Taj Mahal in natural color or Sirdar in subdued colors. They come with hand embossed or hand carved borders in rose-beige, honey, ivory and Iraq green. Another popular design that is called ‘sculpture design’ uses clippings of the thread around the helm to give it a 3-dimensional texture. Mostly bright colored pastel shades are used in this 18th century design pattern.

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