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Marquee Collection#57 September 13, 2010

Posted by Gyaniz in Marquee Collection.
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Identify the guy on the right (under the X) and why is this photograph rare?

(Its a rare photograph, which has perhaps fetched the highest price at an auction for a photograph)

Ans.: Adolf Hitler, the pic is rare because there are very few of them existing with a full moustache.



1. Rishabh Jain - September 13, 2010

is it mahatma gandhi ??

2. aviral - September 13, 2010

Hitler…as a soldier who participated in first world war..

3. Himanshu - September 13, 2010

The guy is Adolf Hitler during his World War 1 days.
This picture is rare because its a mirror image of the original picture.

4. Ravi Handa - September 15, 2010


5. gayatri - September 15, 2010

adolf hitler – rare because it is the only known photograph with Hitler not sporting his well-known, short moustache

6. Shubhendu Saha - September 16, 2010

Adolf Hitler as an enlisted soldier of Bavarian Regiment….rare perhaps because of handlebar moustache rather than a tootbrush one

7. Varun - September 16, 2010


8. Vishnu Prasad - September 17, 2010

think its john bull

9. Vishnu Prasad - September 17, 2010

john bull

10. Karthikeya Ramesh - September 18, 2010

Fidel Castro?

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