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Tata Crucible corporate edition Delhi 2010


A scinitillating finish to the quiz, and a wildcard emerging as the winner.
Winners: NTPC Runnersup: Accenture


1. Which company manufactured warplanes for Luftwaffe during World War II?
2. Which popular financial term owes its origin to roman emperor Diocletian?
3. Which book’s opening lines: The world would change faster in the next 10 years than it has in the past 50 years?
4. Which singer owns the label “The house of Dereon”?
5. Which organization owes its name to R&D which was their primary function?
6. Which arab country name comes from the word “two seas” and was the first to strike oil in the region?
7. Which term comes from the French word for “one who undertakes”?
8. Who gift the island of skorpio to Jacqueline kennedy as a wedding gift in 1968?
9. Which company sponsored the first limited overs cricket tournament (English county)?
10. Which ready to wear and cosmetics brand was sold to Gucci in 1999?
11. Mahashiyan chunnilal came from Pakistan and started this business in Karol bagh, delhi?
12. This newspaper was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi himself. Which newspaper?
13. The place name comes from “Idla” and “Padla”?
14. What first took place when the lumiere brothers arrived in Bombay, India in 1896?
15. This publishing house was founded by Padma awardee Shyam lal Gupta. Which one?
16. Who is responsible for the Flag foundation of India and the popular usage of the national flag?
17. What popular restaurant chain and food item can be associated to John montagu?
18. John Shepherd-Barron. One day in 1967, first envisioned a six-digit numeric code, given what he could reliably remember. His wife however preferred four digits, what originated thus?
19. Which company can you associate with “conspiracy of fools” and “The Smartest guys in the room”?
20. Which early 20th century actress is depicted in the logo of Chicago International film festival?
21. Identify or name the channel?
22. Identify the delhi entrepreneur.
23. Identify the logo?
24. Who was the producer of Milenge Milenge?
25. Identify the print ad?

1. Messerschmitt
2. Budget
3. Business @speed of thought by Bill Gates
4. Beyonce Knowles
5. RAND Corporation
6. Bahrain
7. Entrepreneur
8. Aristotle Onassis
9. Gillette
10. Yves St.Laurent (YSL)
11. MDH
12. Hindustan Times
13. Parle
14. First screening of a movie
15. S.Chand & Co.
16. Naveen Jindal
17. The sandwich
19. Enron
20. Theda Bara.
21. Vinay jajlani of 9x
22. Sanjiv bikhchandani of naukri.com
23. Boston acoustics
24. Boney kapoor
25. Chlormint

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