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Belvedere Vodka launches global dream job competition

Belvedere Vodka Dream Job
Belvedere Vodka Dream Job

Belvedere Vodka has launched a worldwide search for its next Global Brand Ambassador. Rightly called the Belvedere “Dream Job”, vodka aficionados and amateurs are invited to compete for a chance to win a one year, $100,000 contract working directly for Belvedere and gaining international recognition for his or her creativity in cocktail creation and brand advocacy.

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First introduced to North America in 1996, Belvedere Vodka was the first to create a new standard for excellence in the vodka category and is credited with creating the luxury vodka segment. Today, Belvedere’s distinctive character and uncompromising integrity are recognized internationally by discriminating vodka enthusiasts, who appreciate its all-natural, additive-free character. Made entirely from Dankowskie Gold Rye and blended with water from its own pristine source, Belvedere’s taste profile is distinctively soft with a subtle sweetness and naturally smooth, clean finish.

Source: Belvedere Vodka

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