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Indigo Airlines: The on time promise truth November 7, 2010

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The campaign, which has been created by Delhi-based Wieden + Kennedy, conveys the airline’s promise of on-time performance and has shown as to how the airline’s crew do their job on time, enabling IndiGo’s guests to reach their meetings and strike deals on time, which helps India become the world’s most powerful economy on time.

The Gyaniz Take:

Lets look at plain numbers to see where Indigo stands vis-a-vis competition, the data analysed is from Sep 1, 2010 to Oct 30, 2010 on varied on time parameters. Also, came the real factor what matters to the real traveller: The ontime departures and arrivals. And this is what we found.

Indian airline Industry Gyaniz

Indian airline Industry Gyaniz

The data analysis can be found here Airline case study Gyaniz

Based on the deliverables on which the campaign has been created, the airlines had proved to be better than their competitors in overall the best ontime departures and arrivals.

I believe this is advertising hand in hand with on ground brand promise. And the same is extremely crucial for any brand that wants to prove a point with its offerings and more so when its a service and its the experience that matters. Your views are welcome.

A similar example is of Aerolineas Argentina,

Data Source: Flightstats.com



1. indigo airlines - November 27, 2010

all airlines are striving to acheive that.bt with the crowded air traffic its becoming even more difficult…..best of luck anyways

2. roman - December 19, 2010

indigoairlines is a good one to fly with< but it sucks when it comes to employees, they dnt care for their employess at all< its a very selfish airline compared to other airlines< they r too much into satisfyng the pax at cost of their employees-
one incident wish to share – an employess was made to fly with cold and cough – resulted in major ear drum rupture neither did they give her any compensation bt blamed her for the entire incident this is just a small part of the story that i am sharing but it needs to get sued

3. Jet airways konnect - December 20, 2010


4. Swati - March 10, 2012

Can’t agree more with you Roman. Your post, over a year old now, it is true even today and no steps have been taken to improve the lot of its employees.. Sad..!!

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