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Kotak Mahindra Bank turns 25 launches “Its great to be 25” campaign November 21, 2010

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kotak mahindra gyaniz

kotak mahindra gyaniz

What did you do when you were 25 years old? If you have been asked this question on 21st Nov’2010..the reason is Kotak Mahindra bank turning 25. On November 21, and the bank, which operated as a non-banking financial services company until 2003 when it was awarded a banking licence, will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The campaign objective is to position the bank as a youthful brand. Around 10 short commercials will be on air from November 21-25. The films have been directed by Cartwheel’s Suman Bhattacharya.

Ad 1

Ad 2



1. Gaurav Gupta - November 22, 2010

try it out giys…i have already sent more than 25 entries from my end….its an unsual chance to flaunt your creative lines folks..please participate and show the world who yoy are….

2. arun kumar bhargava - November 22, 2010

I feel that now I can take my decisions.

3. arun kumar bhargava - November 22, 2010

Now I am fully adult.

4. sg - November 23, 2010

whr can i see other ads in great to be 25 kotak mahindra bank campaign

Gyaniz - November 23, 2010


You could check some of them here

Kumar Vaibhav Tanwar
Team Gyaniz

5. Nikki - November 29, 2010

All these ads show men – its great for them to turn 25. Saw a couple where there were women – one was getting married (just married) and the other was expecting…. is that what the society thinks now?

Gyaniz - November 30, 2010

Hi Nivedita,

Thanks for stopping by, I think thats a gross misrepresentation of the 21st century Indian woman, she does much of that stuff shown for the men too thesedays.
In my view the thoughts and opinion of the Indian society are largely fragmented, owing to inequality that persists due to gender, race, financial condition, education and a plethora of issues. If we are saying that we refer to the urban “educated” society then the line -” women are at par with men” is a cliche. A lot has improved though but not rightly reflected in the right places in this campaign. The Indian lady has just started on her course, and she has more to look forward to than the Indian man.

Kumar Vaibhav Tanwar

6. Rajesh - August 5, 2011

Pretty good that they are completing 25 years in business. The amount of experience they must be having must be Vast!!
Check out the their Facebook page for more information.


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