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Iran unveils the Islamic doll Fatima, Hijaab software and the Islamic tie December 7, 2010

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Fam, an Iranian company says it has created the first Islamic doll. Iran had in the past created two dolls, “Sara” and “Dara,” which were to counter Barbie and Ken but reportedly were not very popular. The new doll, which is branded Islamic and not Iranian, has the Arabic name “Fatima.”



Hossein Homay Seresht, of the company Fam that created Fatima, says the doll is meant to fight the “enemies’ cultural invasion” of the Islamic republic. Seresht says that Iran’s enemies are increasingly targeting 3-year-old kids. “The Westerners, by creating Barbie and marketing it, are encouraging bad veiling and not wearing the hijab; all of these factors led us to take it as our duty to present Islamic dolls to the market,” he said.

The tie, which is shaped like the sword of Imam Ali (cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad who is considered by Shi’a as his rightful successor) and decorated with an Islamic hadith (a saying attributed to Muhammad), has been registered in the Islamic republic by inventor Hemat Komeili.

Islamic tie

Islamic tie

The company has also produced the “Hijab Forbidden” software, which despite its name is designed to promote the Islamic hijab, or veiling. Seresht says the software includes video clips of Islamic fashion, speeches about the hijab and a “Hijab Messenger,” an instant messaging service that he said is based on the same model as Yahoo messenger but that chat can only take place with “people who are defined within the system.”



1. Sofia - November 10, 2011

Dear Sirs,

Please how can I buy this doll online?

Thank you for your attention.


Gyaniz - December 24, 2011

Hi Sofia,
I would suggest you try ebay if someone might be selling, since its iranian its difficult to procure online. They had launched sarah and dara in 2002 against barbie and ken which to their surprise did not attract the iranian kids.
Vaibhav, Gyaniz

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