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Sachin Tendulkar signs up with Coca Cola and S. Kumars January 28, 2011

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Tendulkar has signed deals worth Rs. 12-13 crore with apparel maker S Kumars Nationwide (SKNL) for their brand World Player, within days of Coca-Cola announcing a Rs 20-crore, three-year contract with him. SKNL already has big brand ambassadors such as Shah Rukh Khan for Belmonte and Amitabh Bachchan for luxury suitings brand Reid and Taylor.

Coca Cola signed Tendulkar as its ‘happiness ambassador’, laying the pitch for a Tendulkar-M S Dhoni face-off in the cola battlefield this season.



1. PUNITH JAIN - February 26, 2011

Good finally S Kumars Nationwide (SKNL)have taken Sachin Tendulkar as there brand ambassador they ware plaining to have almost a year ago

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