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Marquee Collection#91 May 8, 2011

Posted by Gyaniz in Marquee Collection.
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Identify the nations from the flags below & what’s peculiar about them:



Ans.: Fictional Nations from the world of Tintin.

Flag and coat of arms of Syldavia (featuring a pelican)

Flag of San Teodoros (Green/Black with red circle)

Flag of Borduria (black with red circle and “moustache of Marshal Kurvi-Tasch” device)

These are all symbols of fictional nations from the Tintin universe.



1. arkadev - May 8, 2011

lemme guess. fictional countries? like tintin’s syldavia and moldovia?

2. Maddy - May 8, 2011


3. Srikanth M - May 10, 2011

Countries featuring Tintin comics – Borduria, Syldavia

4. Apoorv Dwivedi - May 11, 2011

something to do with adventures of tintin…

5. nirad - May 11, 2011

They lie in both, eastern hemisphere and western hemisphere

6. Amit - May 12, 2011

Syldavia ottokar

All of them feature in tintin cartoon

7. Apoorv Dwivedi - May 14, 2011

its got to do something with tintin

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