5 thoughts on “Marquee Collection#92”

  1. the connect is Raymond Loewy, an industrial designer. he designed the greyhound buses, coldspot and electrolux refrigetor, redesigned coke bottle and logo plus the first design of the coke can with diamond motif and he also designed the air force one livery.
    and he is the first person to be featured on Time magazine cover.

  2. Raymond Loewy designed the greyhound bus, the coldspot fridge, the slender coca cola bottle and
    Air Force One’s distinctive blue, white and chrome livery

  3. The Rosa Parks bus , Refrigerator , Air Force 1 , Coca Cola … Is it We Didn’t start the Fire , by Billy Joel ??

  4. The first person on a TME mag cover was Joseph Cannon and not Raymon Lowery as far as i am aware.

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