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Brand Equity Quiz’ 2012- Delhi Prelims

1. Which is the costliest city in India for Office rentals?
Ans. Delhi

2. Which is the most attractive business & engineering employer in the wold? Google/Facebook/Apple?
Ans. Google

3. Suresh & Ramesh from Jo Khaye Kho Jaye campaign, name the brand?
Ans. Cadburys 5 Star

4. WHo has been chosen as the brand ambassador of the Super Fight League?
Ans. MC Marykom

5. Who made his first earning by working as an usher in a Pankaj Udhas concert in Delhi?
Ans. Akshay Kumar

6. Huge aerial bombs used in the 1940s, which were capable of destroying complete streets were known as?
Ans. Blockbusters

7. Voters ___ is manufactured using Delhi based National Physical Laboratories formula?
Ans. Ink

8. Acc. to USA Today who is the one woman financial advise powerhouse? Shereen Bhatt/ Suze Orman/ Diane Sawyer
Ans. Suze Orman

9. Complete the Somerset Maugham’s book name- The moon and ___ ______.
Ans. Six Pence

10. Thaler was a large silver ____ coin (Spanish/ French/ German)?
Ans. German

11. Rhinoplasty ranges from $3,000 t0 $10,000, what is it about (Belly Button/Nose/Lower Lip)?
Ans. Nose

12. Which is the most liked Youtube video of 2012?
Ans. Gangnam Style

13. Which Cable network presents the ESPY awards?

14. Which male accessory is tied also in a Four hand knot style?
Ans. Tie

15. Which brand derived its name in 1945 from Panthenol?
Ans. Pantene

16. Who sacrificed 12,000 soldiers & Rs. 60 lacs to acquire the persian horse Lialli (Shivaji/Ranjit Singh/Sher Shah?
Ans. Ranjit Singh

17. Who was the most lots selling painter in 2011 selling 2500 nos (Picasso/MF Hussain/Frida Kahlo)?
Ans. Picasso

18. Which company was founded by Hassenfeld Bros- Henry & Helal in 1923?
Ans. Hasbro

19. In the TV series- Chhota Bheem, what does Tun Tun Mausi sell- (Laddoos/Chanachor/Samosas)?
Ans. Laddoos

20. Which company website’s career page says- “We are constantly looking for new birds to join our flock”?
Ans. Rovio Inc.

21. Mascot of National Population Register

22. Boeing Ad

23. HCL Brand Ambassador- Nargis Fakhri asked to be identified.

24. Bill Gates audio on his foundation

25. Movie to be recognised from the song – Chikni Chameli- Agneepath

Idea Zone
26._________ is the most specific instrument of entrepreneurship ?
Ans. Innovation

27. Which 350 cc bike was chosen by the Indian Govt. for border patrolling in 1955?
Ans. Bullet

28. Which famous scientist said, “Can anyone imagine Moses/Jesus/Gandhi armed with moneybags of carnegie”?
Ans. Albert Einstein

29. Mexico is the country that still uses ____ (metal) in its currency in small amounts?
Ans. Silver

30. Who created in 1970, the last No. 19?
Ans. Coco Chanel

(QM- Derek O’ Brien)

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