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Cerebration-The Hindu Businessline Quiz- Delhi

Cerebration Businessline Quiz

QM- Giri “Pickbrain”


1.Which Indian woman was the first woman to captain a 787 dreamliner?
Ans. Nivedita Bhasin

2. Which photo sharing app was recently acquired by Facebook?
Ans. Instagram

3. Which company owns brands like thermocot, bumchums?
Ans. Rupa

4. Vyomesh joshi has recently joined which Indian IT major?
Ans. Wipro

5. Which brand pasrt of Samsonite launched the brand Florence?
Ans. American Tourister

6. Identify Personality

Shobhana Bhartia

Ans. shobhana bhartia

7. Which whisky brand owned by Allied blenders & distillers is the world’s most selling one?
Ans. Officers choice

8. Along with Coleman, Andrews who founed Bain Capital?
Ans. Mitt Romney

9. Java, nevada etc. Were sub brands under which men care brand in the 90s?
Ans. Axe

10. Whatever the odds- biography of which Indian Billionnaire?
Ans. KP Singh

11. Which brand logo has 24 icons signifying Vitality to life?
Ans. Unilever

12. Identify Personality-

Ans. Vanitha Narayan, IBM

13. What did James taylor introduce to Sri Lanka?
Ans. Tea

14. Which Russian billionnaire has interests in Gazprom and owns sports team?
Ans. Alishair Usmanov

15. Logo of Sarva shiksha Abhiyan

16. Which denim brand was made for Rodeos?
Ans. Wrangler

17. Monisha kaltenborn is a part of which F1 team?
Ans. Sauber

18. Pic of bird-Trade classification

Brent Goose












Ans. Brent goose

19. Founded by KV pendharkar- fmcg company, made famous by Banno the bride?
Ans. Vicco turmeric

20. Silk is a browser owned by?
Ans. Amazon

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