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Nandos Trolling Burger King in the times of a Pandemic

The Troll gets Trolled in this one.

We all have seen Burger King’s mouldy burger ad all over the Internet last week. Its attempt to win praise from marketers has run flat while winning praise from some groups, its also been subjected to a taste of its own medicine “trolling”.

In an attempt to promote its fresh ingredients, the QSR major created a time lapse video where it showed the Whopper condition over a 34 day period. The creative said, “the beauty of no artificial preservatives” towards the end.

Nando’s Malaysia took on the global team creating the raved-about ad for Burger King with its own ad on social, taking a pun take on the whole BK exercise.

Nandos Trolls Burger King

Nando’s placed an empty plate to Burger King’s mouldy Whopper, with presumably chicken crumbs with the lines, “Some burgers, after 34 days” and  “Our peri-peri chicken burger after 3-4 mins”. The post was conceptualised by Nando’s Malaysia’s social media agency Fishermen Integrated. Nando’s Singapore later reposted it on its Facebook page.

Even other brands have started posting well looking burgers as the consumers look away from the mouldy whopper.

Birdseye Burgers

This time the BK guys got trumped at the game of social media. Nandos & Fishermen 1 BK & David 0.

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