Question of the day

Q 21

Connect A to B and the Funda. Ans.: This proved to be a tough nut, but the funda is interesting. Here it goes A - Oliver Reed Smoot, Jr. B - Harvard Bridge between Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Connect - Smoot, a unit of length. Full Funda - Oliver Reed Smoot, Jr. was Chairman of… Continue reading Q 21

Question of the day

Q 20

Id and Connect. Ans.: Quoting Biraja" A. John Seigenthaler Sr. B. JFK C. Jimmy Wales Connect - An anonymous user wrote a Wikipedia article about A falsely implicating him for the JFK assassination. A wrote to Wikipedia and the content was deleted. This led Wikipedia to allow only registered users to create pages and other… Continue reading Q 20

Question of the day

Q 18

Identify and Put Funda about the design of the cover. Ans.: .: This is the Cover of Coldplay’s album X&Y. The album's cover art was designed by graphic design duo Tappin Gofton (also known as Mark Tappin and Simon Gofton). The image, which is visualized through a combination of colours and blocks, is a graphical… Continue reading Q 18