Contact Us

contact_us Gyaniz
contact_us Gyaniz

For flowers, brickbats, event proposals. just about anything under the sun, Reach us at:

And we will get back to you.

7 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Good work guys… CAn you jus send me some details of the forthcoming business quizzes from dec 09 to my email

  2. Hello, I would like to know if the Skull Island print is available for sale? If so how much does it cost and what size is available? Thank you for your time. Mike Cooney-

  3. When you are rise the price from rs 5 to rs 7 , your price is increase and quality is decrease of belade i am regulery user and facing the quality problem please improve the quality or equal to older one

  4. I have heard that there is an Indian Made whiskey liqueur (Drambue) is this correct and if so what is the name so that I can look for it.

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