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The Week That Was #7 February 11, 2009

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1. Identify, Why was this in the news last week?


Ans.: The Global Drum Project which won Zakir Hussain the Grammy.

2. Identify and why was this of importance to India last week.


Ans.: BAFTA award, AR Rahman won it for Slumdog Millionaire.

3. Who is He?


Ans.: Anurag Kashyap, the director of Dev D.

4. Identify the campaign.


Ans.: The Pink Chaddi Campaign against Sri Ram Sene.

5. Who is He and why was he in news last week?


Ans.: Tyron Henderson the South African 20-20 cricketer who was bought for an unexpected $ 6,50,000 by Rajasthan Royals.

6. What first was started by this organisation last week?


Ans.: Aegis, the BPO arm of Essar would start the IT revolution in J&K, by opening the state’s first two BPOs, as anounced last week.

7. Identify this influential lady.


Ans.: Tzipi Livni, the Ex-Mossad politician became the acting prime minister of Israel.


The Week That Was #1 January 1, 2009

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Happy New Year to All.

We thought of a new experiment this time. Instead of the Daily Question, We will put some questions every week, which would relate to the last week. Give us your suggestions and comments on the new idea.

1) What is happening here? Put Fundaez



Ans.: Family members paying homage to Tsunami vistims on the 4th Anniversary in Chennai.

2) Put Fundaez about this award.



Ans.: Nivea is giving a chance to all girls who aspire to be Miss India through a first ever Wild card entry into the pageant in 2009.

3) Contribution of this place (in relation to happenings in the last week ofcourse)



Ans.: This is A.R.Rehman’s  Panchattan Record Inn aka A.M.Studios, where the soundtrack of the blockbuster movie Ghajini was recorded.

4) Who’s the lady in the limelight here and why?



Ans.: Payal Abdullah, wife of Omar Abdullah, after their party won the elections.

5) Who are They?



Ans.: Teja Raju and Rama Raju Jr. of Maytas (In)Fame.

6) Connect with an icon from the world of music.



Ans.: Mikaeel Jackson (i.e. Michael Jackson’s name after his conversion to Islam) invited Shilpa Shetty to his brother Jermaine Jackson’s birthday bash. Jermaine and Shilpa were contestants on Big Brother.

(BTW, MJ was seen on with a mask like Zorro’s  on the streets of LA, therefore the 2nd pic)

7) Identify the cricketer, his infamous dad and the claim to fame last week



Ans.: Mohd. Ayazuddin, son of former tainted Indian Captain Mohd. Azharuddin who replicates Azhar in his way of playing the game. Kolkata Knight Riders have called his elder brother Mohd. Ashaduddin ahead of him for trials for their 3 day trial camp starting 5th January.