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The Week That Was #8 February 18, 2009

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1. Identify the young man and why was he in the news.


Ans.: Baitullah Mehsud, of the Taliban (SWAT) accused of killing Benazir Bhutto, in the news for Shariat rule implementation in SWAT.

2. Identify the business entity.


Ans.: Subhiksha- The largest Indian retail chain.

3. Identify the musician/singer, and why is he musically in the news.


Ans.: Mohit Chauhan, Silk Route Fame, in the news for his song “Masakkalli” from the movie- Delhi 6.

4. Identify the gentleman.


Ans.: Alan Rosling, the executive director of Tata Sons who calls it quits on 31st March’09. Instrumental in the Global acquisitions by the Tata group.

5. Who is flying the F-16 here?


Ans.: Abhinav Bindra

6. That week, That Year- Identify why was this in news 44 years ago.


Ans.: The Canadian National Flag till 1965. Replaced by the Maple leaf flag on 15 Feb’1965.

7. Identify, and what celebration is made in his remembrance.


Ans.: St. Valentine of Terni and Valentines Day.


The Week That Was #2 January 7, 2009

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1) Which famous heritage structure is being seen restored here?



Ans.: The Victoria Terminus or CST.

2) He is known in a totally different context than what he looks like in this pic. Who is he and Why is he here?



Ans.: John Ronald Reuel (J.R.R) Tolkien of  “The Lord of the Rings” fame.  Born on 3rd January’1892.

3) Put Fundaez



Ans.: Inauguration of Jude Felix Academy. 

4) Who is she and what did she do last week (for which she has been mentioned here)



Ans.:  Bakthawar Bhutto, daughter of Benazir Bhutto wrote a rap song on the assasination incident.

5) Why was this coin series in news last week?



Ans.: Slovakia adopted the Euro as their currency on 1st January’09 and discontinued the koruna as seen in the pic above.

6) Who’s this dude and why is he wearing this head gear?



Ans.: Glenn McGrath. Wearing the Pink bandana in support of the McGrath foundation which works for Breast cancer. His wife died due to Breast cancer.

7) Why are the preparations happening and in what context?



Ans.:  The Prasada being prepared on the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib.