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Brand Equity Quiz’ 2012- Delhi Prelims

1. Which is the costliest city in India for Office rentals? Ans. Delhi 2. Which is the most attractive business & engineering employer in the wold? Google/Facebook/Apple? Ans. Google 3. Suresh & Ramesh from Jo Khaye Kho Jaye campaign, name the brand? Ans. Cadburys 5 Star 4. WHo has been chosen as the brand ambassador… Continue reading Brand Equity Quiz’ 2012- Delhi Prelims

Gyaniz in the media

The Gyaniz on DNA Jaipur edition 30.11.10

Folks, we were captured by the vibrant after hours section of DNA -Jaipur edition on an article based on online quizzing. Hope you will like it, and thanks for appreciating the effort called Gyaniz. Cheers!