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Dr. Amar Bose gifts Bose Corporation to MIT

Dr. Amar Bose, founder of the Bose Corporation, has gifted his alma mater the majority shareholding in his corporation. The university will receive annual dividends to further education and research. Dr. Bose received his degrees at MIT and taught there until 2001. Dr. Bose received his bachelor’s, masters’ and doctorate degree from the university. His… Continue reading Dr. Amar Bose gifts Bose Corporation to MIT

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Q 21

Connect A to B and the Funda. Ans.: This proved to be a tough nut, but the funda is interesting. Here it goes A - Oliver Reed Smoot, Jr. B - Harvard Bridge between Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Connect - Smoot, a unit of length. Full Funda - Oliver Reed Smoot, Jr. was Chairman of… Continue reading Q 21