Marquee Collection

Marquee Collection# 73

Identify the connection. (Hint: a personality) Ans.: Andy Kaufman and Man on the Moon. 1. Jim Carrey played Andy in the movie dedicated to him " Man on the moon". 2. R.E.M dedicated a song " Man on the Moon" to him. 3. Andy Kaufman had a "rivalry" with Jerry the King Lawler and also… Continue reading Marquee Collection# 73

TWTW-The Week that Was

The Week That Was #15

1. What was this creation by BBC called, and to comemorate what day? Ans.: April fools day-The Spaghetti Tree spoof carried out by BBC in 1957. 2. From the world of Fashion, Identify the collection and Indian connection? Ans.: Balenciaga 2009- Sari silhouette collection. 3. Connect the 3 to the world of cartoons. Ans.: Spongebob… Continue reading The Week That Was #15