The Gyaniz

Fishbowl Gyaniz
Fishbowl Gyaniz

We’re just two lost souls,
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
How I wish, How I Wish you were here

Pink Floyd

Kumar Vaibhav Tanwar::
Well the Bowl is getting bigger and so are we, and thanks to the support we already have many more fishes in it and an Octopus too. Vaibhav or fondly called “Webby” is a hospitality graduate working his way in a marketing role. He talks and talks and talks, and thats how he started giving guest lectures. He owes his entrance into quizzing to the simple maggi quiz he played as a IIIrd standard school kid in 1990 and ever since the one bitten by the bug has become the bug himself. He has participated and conducted many a events. Often joked about as 3 names in one, he also is one of the founding members of Jaquizzi- The Jaipur Quiz Club which can be India’s answer to Pub quizzing.

Kamal Rathi::
Yes, he is our Octopus and so far his predictions have not come true. His ancestral roots trace him to Bikaner while he lives in Orissa earning his daily fish as an entrepreneur who like to visit all quizzes that happen in the region to give his fundaez and make sure his motto remains- “Never come home empty handed”. His varied interests help in framing the best questions for any quiz, his funda is to ask an easy question in the most interesting manner.

The duo have won many a prestigious events like twice Tata Crucible Quiz, AIMA National Management Quiz, Economic Times in the Classroom, IIM-Lucknow Manfest, IIT-Kanpur Megabucks, Pune University, Udhghosh amongst many during their days as quizzers.

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