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Cerebration-The Hindu Businessline Quiz- Delhi

QM- Giri "Pickbrain" Prelims:- 1.Which Indian woman was the first woman to captain a 787 dreamliner? Ans. Nivedita Bhasin 2. Which photo sharing app was recently acquired by Facebook? Ans. Instagram 3. Which company owns brands like thermocot, bumchums? Ans. Rupa 4. Vyomesh joshi has recently joined which Indian IT major? Ans. Wipro 5. Which… Continue reading Cerebration-The Hindu Businessline Quiz- Delhi

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Brand Equity Quiz’ 2012- Delhi Prelims

1. Which is the costliest city in India for Office rentals? Ans. Delhi 2. Which is the most attractive business & engineering employer in the wold? Google/Facebook/Apple? Ans. Google 3. Suresh & Ramesh from Jo Khaye Kho Jaye campaign, name the brand? Ans. Cadburys 5 Star 4. WHo has been chosen as the brand ambassador… Continue reading Brand Equity Quiz’ 2012- Delhi Prelims

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Tata Crucible corporate edition Delhi 2010

A scinitillating finish to the quiz, and a wildcard emerging as the winner. Winners: NTPC Runnersup: Accenture Prelims: 1. Which company manufactured warplanes for Luftwaffe during World War II? 2. Which popular financial term owes its origin to roman emperor Diocletian? 3. Which book’s opening lines: The world would change faster in the next 10… Continue reading Tata Crucible corporate edition Delhi 2010

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Tata Crucible Business Quiz :Bhubaneshwar 2010

Tata Crucible Business Quiz 2010: Bhubaneshwar Edition The quiz was won by professors from XIM-Bhubaneshwar with the team from Vizag steel finishing runners-up. Special thanks to Manasa Nayak for contributing the questions. Prelims 1. Who handed over first Maruti 800 car keys to its first owner Harpal Singh? Ans.: Indira Gandhi 2. In mandarin,it is… Continue reading Tata Crucible Business Quiz :Bhubaneshwar 2010

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Tata Crucible 2010 – Hyderabad Round

The Tata Crucible juggernaut rolled yesterday (i.e. 20.08.2010) from Hyderabad. My dear friend Muali Duggineni has been kind to send the review and questions of the Hyderabad round. The Corporate Edition of the Tata Crucible 2010 teed of from Hyderabad this evening. Nearly 70 teams took part in the prelims. Despite the not-so-encouraging participation on… Continue reading Tata Crucible 2010 – Hyderabad Round